UIMLA is an international governing body which is representing International Mountain Leaders across the world. One of the most important targets for UIMLA is to represent the profession at the international level as well as setting equal standards of qualifications for all International Mountain Leaders (IMLs). UIMLA promotes the profession and supports the cooperation between IMLs from different countries.

An International Mountain Leader (IML) is a person that has been trained and assessed against the challenging requirements of UIMLA. An IML may lead groups in different mountains all over the world, where the skills and equipment of alpinism are not required. IMLs cannot provide tours on glaciers and permanents snow and where the planned use of a rope is necessary. However, IMLs can work with groups on high altitude treks as well as lead groups on snowshoes.

Our Association joined UIMLA in November 2020 as an aspirant member aiming to become a full and complete member in the following years. 

All members of HMLA who complete the training program within the framework set by UIMLA, will obtain international certification of IML. IMLs are allowed to use the UIMLA badge strictly on hiking activities as described by UIMLA and never on other forms of outdoor activities.

For more information regarding the program you can visit the UIMLA website or you can contact our association